Frequently Asked Questions

Having been involved across the invoice finance industry for many decades, IFG totally appreciate that invoice financing is not the easiest finance product to understand.   That’s why our team of specialists like to spend the time to explain simplistically how IFG’s product can best work for its customers.

Q). How long will it take to get my facility up and running ?

A). Generally speaking once we receive the small amount of information we require from our clients, your facility will be established in full within 1-2 business days.

Q). Do you need to take a mortgage over my property ?

A). No.  IFG’s primary security is over your Tax Invoices, and we do not request any property security to support your finance facility with us.

Q). I have $140,000 in unpaid invoices to my business customers but I only need $25,000.   Do I need to finance all of my invoices ?

A). No.   Unlike most of IFG’s competitors, IFG does not have any minimum requirements therefore IFG’s clients can pick and choose how much (or little) they need to finance.

Q). How long will you contractually lock me in for ?

A). We have no lock-in time frames, unlike most of our competitors.   You can come and go as you feel without any termination or exit costs making it perfect for businesses that have irregular cashflow requirements throughout the year.

 Q).  I had a bad debt of $40,000 last year with one of my business customers.   How would that work under an IFG Invoice Finance facility ?

A).  One of the advantages of an IFG Invoice Finance facility is that our clients have the added protection of an in-built Bad Debt Insurance policy.  Essentially once an Insurance Limit is approved against a selected financed debtor, IFG’s clients can trade up to the insured limit with absolute peace of mind against a debtor not paying due to their unexpected insolvency.

Q).  My mate told me about all of the “Hidden” Fees that exist within a debtor finance facility?   What hidden fees does IFG charge ?

A).  Nil.   IFG only charge 1 fee being the “daily finance fee”, which is calculated by using the invoice value and the number of days the invoice is financed.   IFG charges NO OTHER FEES such as Interest, Monthly Management Fees, Liquidated Damages, Exit Fees, Renewal Fees, Security Release fees, etc, etc.


With over 60 years’ experience in assisting Australian business owners with their cashflow we are proud to provide our customers with a FAST and EASY financing solution, with access to extra cash within 24 hours of applying.


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